Working at the University of Bern

Employment at the University of Bern

Anyone who wants to work for the University of Bern will be given a clear picture of the benefits we offer. Fair working conditions, an appreciative work environment, progressive working hour schemes and a wide variety of discounts make us an attractive and socially responsible employer.

Clear conditions right from the start

Willkommensbroschüre für neue Mitarbeitende

Our Terms of Employment

The University of Bern is proud to offer its employees a 42-hour work week (full time) and at least five weeks annual leave, progressive working hour schemes and a fair salary structure. We are keen to have proactive employees and are happy to accommodate private commitments and outside work, provided such is compatible with working for the university. 

Brochure "Welcome to the University of Berne"

Health-promoting working conditions

Mitarbeiter im Büro am Arbeitstisch

Staying healthy at work

A good, appreciative work environment takes center stage at the University of Bern. In addition, our organizational structure lives up to high standards – from ergonomic workplaces to a host of sports activities available through Unisport. This is how we create working conditions that help maintain and promote good health.

Individual working hour schemes

Menschen sitzend im Rasen umgeben von Blumen

Work and free time in balance – family-friendly working conditions

Thanks to our flexible working hour schemes and our part-time work and job-sharing options, we are able to facilitate the reconciliation of work with other areas of life. Our annual working time scheme is central to this and offers employees more freedom to arrange their work time. Remote work offers a further option for greater flexibility. Prolonged absences are also possible at the University of Bern. They can be compensated either by taking unpaid leave or by using credit from the long-term working time account (“Langzeitkonto”) where unused paid leave and public holidays can be accrued.

Fair salary and good pension provisions

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Solid salary system

Our salaries are based on the system used for Bern’s cantonal staff. The job requirements, together with the professional experience and age of the person assuming the job, are taken into account to determine a fair salary. Annual salary increases depend on individual workplace performance and the funds available. The social benefits offered by the University of Bern are within the scope given by law. This includes all standard pension benefits, a daily sickness benefits insurance and an accident insurance that also covers non-occupational incidents.   

Discounts with advantages that make a difference

Vorbeilaufende Personen in der Mensa UniS

Wide range of services on offer

The University of Bern offers many discounts to employees. Childcare and Unisport are, of course, among them. University staff can access these and many other services via UNICARD. UNICARD – Discounts for Employees.